Entomologia Africana is a periodical that was published for the first time in 1996 and is still growing.

The papers, all in French or English, include descriptions of new taxa, editorial, technical and theoretical notes, book reviews, ...

All scientific papers included a summary in English and French.

General rules and advices to the authors.

The columns of the review are opened to any member in order of subscription.

The quality of articles will watch to respect the spirit of the society and will be subjected to the approval of the committee of editorial staff of the review. Notably, articles will respect rules and spirit of the < INTERNATIONAL CODE OF ZOOLOGICAL NOMENCLATURE >.

Articles will be drafted in French or in English. Those in scientific character will contain at least two summaries (one in English, the other one in French), (an introduction), the body, a conclusion and\or a discussion and a bibliography. Articles will be sent for submission to the committee of editorial staff in their definitive shape. This one will contain a copy on paper, a copy in a Windows compatible langage. Drawings, graphs and photos colour either W/B will be duly anoted and printed (photos) or digitalized (on CD or DVD or email).

The authors who needs to receive a technical help for the elaboration of their article can ask it at the secretariat. This help is a part of educational objectives of the society.